Sisterhood: What a Beautiful Word - Sister Triangle Article

By Lisa Gillies 

Sisterhood, what a beautiful word: connecting, bonding, sharing, encouraging, and so much more.

This past February was my first time at the Sister Triangle Retreat; what an honour it was. We learned or were reminded that we might not be okay, and that is, okay. We are enough. To be a light wherever we go, and we may never know what others may be going through, but we can stand together. I was amazed when listening to others share, yes, I understood, I have been there. And the songs that were chosen, how they ministered to so many. For some, it took courage to share, and for that I thank you. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. For those who could not make it, I hope next year you can come.

Remember, when you are struggling, sometimes you just need to be held by our Loving Father. Your world may not be falling out of place, but falling into place. Through trials, we grow and sometimes there is something God wants us to learn. I hang on to double blessings for your troubles: beauty for ashes and the darkest hour comes before the dawn. When God may seem far away, He is not. He is close by, and sometimes the teacher is quiet during the test.

I want to share a poem I wrote during some very difficult times.  

What Is God Wanting Me to Learn 

Sometimes the road to life is tough
It’s so hard to hang on when it’s rough
Don’t know which way to turn
What is God wanting me to learn?

There are days I want to give up and just quit
I just want to get out of this pit
Don’t know which way to turn
What is God wanting me to learn?

God, I need to know that you are near
Help me, please, before I tear
I don’t know how to keep walking on
What I carry weighs a tonne

Please take this heavy burden from me
It hurts so much, I just can’t see
I’ve been waiting and waiting for a breakthrough
Who would have thought, who would have known

God, please give me strength, that I need today
My days feel so dark and so grey
Walking in obedience, it’s hard to cope
Please give me peace, please give me hope

I need some light to shine on through
To pick me up when I am blue
I read your word, and want to follow you
Walking in blind faith, tell me what to do

I don’t know anymore,
I’m crying on the floor
Don’t know which way to turn
What is God wanting me to learn? 

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