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Like a wild prairie lily, fiery as the sunset and strengthened by the ever blowing winds, Sister Triangle Magazine was born in the hearts of a handful of women searching for a place for their words to grow!

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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

By Janelle Ross Almost every morning he makes the coffee: grinds the beans, pours boiling water into the French press, and waits until just the right moment to drop the plunger. He picks a cup for me from the cupboard. If it’s clean, he chooses the brown one that says You are a Courageous Woman. I’ve never asked him why. He pours the coffee and splashes in some cream, the real thing, full of fat and flavour. If I’m in the kitchen with him, I watch the white liquid swirl into the brown, and this comforting routine, established over time,…

Courage Daughter: An Invitation from Andrea Muirhead

Courage Daughter: An Invitation from Andrea Muirhead

I just got back to my office after a lunch date with a friend. We had a little time to kill before she needed to be dropped off at her next appointment, so we went shopping. We were browsing the soap section of a department store when we found shower caps. I suggested we buy matching polka-dotted ones and wear them together when we were in the pool at Ladies’ Retreat. Dear friends, let me cordially invite you to join us at Sister Triangle’s Ladies’ Winter Retreat at the Temple Garden Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on the weekend…

"The Gift" in red script, golden present wrapped with Christmas tree behind it

The Gift

By Bonnie Baxter The Season! December. It’s here. I’ve always loved Christmas! I love the lights, the music, and the extra kindness most people seemed to show for a month or so. But as I got older, Christmas somehow got harder. It was overwhelming enough to keep up on regular house tasks and then add in decorating for Christmas, working, parties, concerts, not to mention shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones and having picture-perfect photo cards to send out. Also, my kids need a mom and my husband deserves a wife. My expectations for myself exceeded my abilities…

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Sister Triangle's Mission

To encourage, one another, in love, through the use of the spoken and written word. Our Goals include: publishing a magazine of original Christian writing by women. To facilitate an annual retreat for women. Provide resources and as need arises, be available, for projects related to our mission.

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