Encouraging One Another In Love

Like a wild prairie lily, fiery as the sunset and strengthened by the ever blowing winds, Sister Triangle Magazine was born in the hearts of a handful of women searching for a place for their words to grow!

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A Letter Was in the Works

By Jennifer Wallace   A letter was in the works.  It was there playing hide and seek in my mind for 5 years.  After seeing women speak out, I wanted to be that brave.  I wanted to own my nieces’ middle names, “Courage,” and “Worth” while still holding onto my daughter’s middle name, “Grace.”  So, I went there:  I went back 5 years and I opened the wound and I wrote the letter. Alone in the office, in front of the computer, a blank screen. I do not hear anything: not the kids downstairs watching YTV, not John breathing, asleep…

Q&A Featuring Sara Pippus

Q&A Featuring Sara Pippus

Forward by Victoria Utman   Sara Pippus and her daughter Katie (who you’ll be hearing from in a few weeks) arrived at my house on a blustery Wednesday evening. It was the only free night we all had that week to sit down and have a face-to-face chat for this Q&A article, the first of a series introducing our fantastic staff here at Sister Triangle Magazine. I wanted a way to show you who is working on the magazine in a more intimate setting, but with the busyness of life, it was a struggle to line up our calendars. Truthfully,…

Coffee, Letter, and Pink Roses

Letter from the Editor

February 25, 2019   Dear Readers,   Wow! What an amazing weekend it was! I hope you came away from Sister Triangle Ladies’ Retreat feeling renewed and courageous.   After an amazing weekend together, I want to take a moment to say it is my pleasure and joy to welcome you to Sister Triangle Magazine. 2018 was a year of challenge, transition, and renewal for us here behind the scenes of Sister Triangle. From shifts in staff roles and new faces joining our team to meaningful conversations about who we are and how we serve others; Sister Triangle Magazine is…

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Sister Triangle's Mission

To encourage, one another, in love, through the use of the spoken and written word. Our Goals include: publishing a magazine of original Christian writing by women. To facilitate an annual retreat for women. Provide resources and as need arises, be available, for projects related to our mission.

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