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Sister Triangle Magazine’s motto is “Encourage one another in love”.

We accept original poetry, prose, narrative, articles, essays, memorials, letters, songs, testimonials, all-things-written, and photographs created by you, in love, for the encouragement of others. Most submissions are between 300 and 900 words; however, we are flexible and happy to give you the space you need to express yourself.submissionIf you are a first-time contributor, no worries. Our readers are very interested in hearing your new voice and our magazine staff will work with you to make that happen. We provide a writing coach if you are interested and of course, we provide editing.

One thing that helps us out (we are all volunteers, after all) is you editing your writing to the best of your ability before submitting. Maybe even get a friend to read it over. This may include checking paragraphs for topic unity, considering transitions between paragraphs, and of course the old standbys: capitals, punctuation, and spelling. If you have an idea, but aren’t sure if it fits into our publishing mandate, please read publications on our website; then, if you need more direction, contact us and enter into a conversation. Also, please submit your text in a simple font like Times New Roman or Courier in 12 point. Please no fancy icons, pictures, or flourishes. Simple text is what we are looking for.

Once you have submitted a piece to, Sheena or Sarah will contact you, and let you know if we think the piece needs more work or just basic editing. We will let you know a timeline toward publication and then we will work with you toward that end goal. We see our work at Sister Triangle as “encouraging one another in love” which includes encouraging you and your writing, in love.

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