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Sister Triangle Magazine’s motto is “Encourage one another in love”.

We accept original poetry, prose, narrative, articles, essays, memorials, letters, songs, testimonials, photographs, all-things-written and created by you, in love, for the encouragement of others. Most submissions are between 300 and 900 words; however, we are flexible and happy to give you the space you need to express yourself. We encourage new and returning contributors, regardless of writing experience; our readers are very interested in hearing your voice and our magazine staff will work with you to make that happen. We provide writing encouragement, editing, and work to build a relationship with our contributors so you feel confident with the final product.


Please review our guidelines below when you submit your piece:

  • Submissions must be saved in a Word Document format (.doc).
  • Please use a simple font like Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial in 12 point.
  • Single space your article, with one space separating each paragraph.
  • Do not format your article with icons, pictures, or flourishes. If you are submitting photos, please insert a placeholder in the text where you would like the photo to be and attach your photos to the submission email with a corresponding title. For example, [Photo 1: Example Title], attach “Photo 1: Example Title” to your email submission.


Once you have submitted a piece Victoria Utman will contact you. We will let you know a timeline toward publication and we will work with you toward that end goal. We see our work at Sister Triangle as “encouraging one another in love” which includes encouraging you and your writing, in love.

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