Q&A Featuring Katie Stamler

Q&A featuring Katie Stamler

Forward by Victoria Utman

This is Victoria Utman, Magazine Director for Sister Triangle Magazine. We’re trying something new this week and we’re excited to have you join us. Back in March, we sat down to do a series of interviews with the magazine staff at Sister Triangle to give you a sense of who is working behind the scenes to bring you messages of encouragement and love. While recording the first few interviews, Sara Pippus said: “What if this was its own thing?”

So here we are; trying it out and testing the waters.

I’m pleased to introduce my dear friend Katelyn Stamler in this interview. Katie and her mother, Sara, joined me one evening around my dinner table for a much-needed catch-up and visit. We shared cake, drank coffee, and talked about everything from cleaning house to our favourite biblical women, some of that you’ll hear about shortly.

Grab your own cup of coffee and get comfortable, remember, we had no idea that this is where we would end up when we sat down to do those interviews. You’ll hear creaking tables and chairs, maybe a cat or two, and a lot of giggles; that’s just what it sounds like when you make time and space to connect with your sisters, we hope you feel like you’re sitting there with us too.

Now sit back, relax, and spend some time with us, getting to know Katie Stamler, Editor at Sister Triangle Magazine.

Special thank yous to Katie Stamler for sharing her heart with us; Rafael Krux and freepd.com for today’s music; and to you, our reader and listener.


More About Katie

Katie StamlerKatelyn was born and raised in Estevan, Saskatchewan. She is an old soul who loves to read and is passionate about history. She recently married her high school sweetheart, Kendall, and is enjoying learning to walk with the Lord together. Katelyn is a teacher and works for an online school teaching high school English. She loves going for drives in the country and spending time in nature appreciating the gift of creation.

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