When God Blinks

Title Photo for "When God Blinks" Sister Triangle Article

By Gayle Garneau


When God blinks…

My heart skips a beat.

Panic soon follows.

Is this the end?


Am I alone? Abandoned?

Without hope?

Has He closed His eyes to me forever?

Will He ever look on me again?


What did I do wrong?

Will I ever be good enough?

Can I earn back His love?

Why won’t He turn my way?


When God blinks…


“Don’t fret my child.

I didn’t turn my back on you.

I am always right here by your side.


It was only momentarily that I looked away.

A tear had formed in the corner of my eye.

I was overcome by the pain of the struggle you are going through.

And I know you do not understand why you must walk this rocky path”.


When God blinks…


“I merely blinked to clear the droplet from its perch.

I placed in a jar, labelled with your name.

Laid it around my neck, close to my heart.

You see, my sweet child you are not forgotten.


In fact, it is quite the opposite.

I keep these jars along with your prayers close by me at all times.

I see every struggle and fear.

Every question you are too afraid to ask”.


When God blinks…


“I hear every word, I know every thought.

I am merely waiting for you to let go of that which binds you.

All that holds you captive.


Place it with full trust in my hands.

I want to help, restore, and heal.

For as long as you make your pain your idol,

I cannot be King of your heart.


When you think I have blinked…

Let go.


And give me space in your heart”.


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