By Andrea Muirheadandrea-oct

My ten-year-old nephew and I went on a road trip. We drove from Saskatchewan to Manitoba to North Dakota to Minnesota, over 1200 kilometers to watch some Major League Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays taking on the Minnesota Twins.

Usually when I road trip, I like to get to my destination fast. I must have learned this from both of my grandfathers. Road tripping with either of them was an experience where there was only one Captain and the rest of us needed to buckle up and hold on for the ride!

My nephew and I enjoyed our trip to Minneapolis. We were those tourists, along the side of the road, taking selfies at every land-mark. We leisurely drove the distance in two days, enjoying each stop, each new scene. The journey was long but so much fun!

On the way home, we drove straight through, in one day, only stopping for food, gas, and potty-breaks, when needed. Needless to say, our journey there was much more enjoyable than the return trip!

I think sometimes this is how I do life. Quickly. No stopping. Running through my days without breaks or pauses to look around and see what my life really looks like.

So here is my reminder, your reminder… Slow down! Enjoy each moment of this road trip we call life. Pause in your busyness to look around and enjoy the scenery, the people around you, and the moment, cause if you don’t, life will just fly by and you’ll miss so much!

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