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By Deanna Cook


We look forward. We wonder. We dream. We count days with excitement. We don’t know the end of the story. We only know what we can see. And that can be exhilarating or terrifying. 


I always anticipated that I would be married and have a family.


I am content with my life – I have found purpose as a single woman. I have been a mentor to younger single women. I have a job I love, where I get to mother many teenagers. I have more opportunities and flexible income to do things that my married friends can no longer do. And I have been able to travel to countless places. 


I have mourned the life I prayed for that didn’t come to be. I have lamented that God didn’t answer my prayer. If I’m being vulnerable, it is lonely being single. I have a wonderful village – people in my life that are not my biological family but they include me within theirs. I get to be an auntie to many wonderful kids.


Sometimes it feels like I don’t belong, church culture is often geared towards married couples and can be hard for single people. I get lost: I don’t fit into the university-aged group anymore, nor do I fit into the widows’ group. Sometimes, I want to ask God, “Remember me?” “Did you hear my prayers?” 


But, my life is not in a holding pattern – it’s happening right now. I want to live life fully. I want to live with joy, with anticipation for the next opportunity, with hope for “what’s next”. I have to craft a life that gives glory to God and brings me joy, even if He doesn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted.


I trust God and I am anticipating the many ways He will continue to use me, grow me and bless me beyond my imagination! 


About the Author

Photo of Deanna CookDeanna Cook spent most of her childhood in the Weyburn Public Library and maybe that is why she is now a part of Sister Triangle. Deanna is currently teaching at Harvest City Christian Academy within Regina Public School. When she is not busy with extra-curricular and her “kids” at school, she enjoys curling, planning her next international trip, and hanging out with friends.

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