For Every Season

The Four Seasons

by Rachel Husband

I’m not sure if I have a favourite season. There is something special about each of the seasons for me. In spring, I love the first time you open the windows and a breeze blows that ‘spring’ smell through the house. Summer brings those super hot days where a great day involves golfing nine holes and eating a piece of watermelon …or two!  In fall, true to my farm girl roots, a long day combining wheat that is blowing in the breeze. And those crispy, winter days where the sky is so blue and the puff of your breath drifts up and away.

Like the seasons of the year, each season of my life has been special and holds a special memory for me. When I was young, I loved those evenings when my dad would come in from the field, tired and dirty from a hard day’s work, grab his glove and a competitive match of two-on-two baseball would ensue. I’m sure my brother, James, and I always beat Dad and my sister, Bethann! As a teenager, endless hours were spent honing my Dr. Mario and Mario Kart skills. Of course what I remember now, about these hours, is the time spent laughing and creating friendships that, despite time and space, still remain. In my twenties, I traveled and saw so many wonderful things but there was nothing like getting off the plane in Regina and knowing I was home.

The one constant through all these seasons was that God was always there. During those times when I was close to Him, He was there. During those times when I was far from Him, He was there. God provided when I knew I needed Him. He provided when I didn’t think I needed Him. And for all the seasons yet to come, I know that God will be constant and He will provide.

As I enter this new season of motherhood, I’m sure it will be the best one yet! I know that God will be there. He has always provided just what I needed and He has done the same for this season of my life … her name is Cora.

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  1. Candy Wise on October 18, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Rachel you presented this article in the exact way I have experienced God….in me in every season. Looking back I see Him always with me even when I wasn’t especially into Him. Looking ahead to the great unknown of senior years and ways I remind myself He is still always with me. Fears of dementia, etc. can overwhelm but I must keep in my mind and heart that He is here and He is there as well. Thanks for sharing. Your sweet Cora is a blessing to many.

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