Encouraging One Another

boxing ring

Roberta Watts

Beth has a past. A rough, rocky past.

Drugs. Prostitution. Living on the street.

Not just a short past. A long history.

Self-induced suffering.

Beth was in an accident which left her with some brain damage. As if things couldn’t get worse.

I hardly know Beth.

But I know all about her struggles because Beth has a mother.

I know Beth’s mother. I know her well.

I have watched her struggle for years to find a balance. That fine knife’s edge balances between serving her daughter’s needs without enabling her addictions.

I have stood and watched this amazing woman and mother. I have watched her be the hands of God as she serves. I have seen her pray for success and find failure over and over again. I have watched her return to the battle when I know she is too weary to fight.

I have watched from the sidelines.

Every now and again, Beth’s mother needs some support. A kind word, a chance to cry and be honest.

I do this for her. And then I go back to my life.

What I do is cheap. It is literally the least I can do. I provide an hour of my time and comfort here or there.

I cheer her on and toss her back into the battle. Then I take my seat on the sidelines and watch some more.

But I still do this.


Because I have also fought a battle or two in my life.

Different arena. Different fight.

I, too, have battle scars.

I know how important that cheering section can be. Just when I felt I had nothing left to give, when I reached my end, someone came into the arena at the edge. They hugged me, cried with me, and even pushed me back in. They can’t fight my fight. Just as I can’t fight theirs.

These faces hover in my memory.

I see in them, not just the face of my friends, but the face of Jesus. His light shines through them.

I know when I next have a battle I will have these God given encouragers at my side. They have always been there when I needed them.

So why do I continue to cheer my friend?

Cause God calls me to serve her as she would serve me too.

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