Q&A Featuring Katie Stamler

Q&A featuring Katie Stamler

Forward by Victoria Utman This is Victoria Utman, Magazine Director for Sister Triangle Magazine. We’re trying something new this week and we’re excited to have you join us. Back in March, we sat down to do a series of interviews with the magazine staff at Sister Triangle to give you a sense of who is working behind the scenes to bring you messages of encouragement and love. While recording the first few interviews, Sara Pippus said: “What if this was its own thing?” So here we are; trying it out and testing the waters. I’m pleased to introduce my dear…

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Letter from the Editor

Coffee, Letter, and Pink Roses

February 25, 2019   Dear Readers,   Wow! What an amazing weekend it was! I hope you came away from Sister Triangle Ladies’ Retreat feeling renewed and courageous.   After an amazing weekend together, I want to take a moment to say it is my pleasure and joy to welcome you to Sister Triangle Magazine. 2018 was a year of challenge, transition, and renewal for us here behind the scenes of Sister Triangle. From shifts in staff roles and new faces joining our team to meaningful conversations about who we are and how we serve others; Sister Triangle Magazine is…

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Sisterhood: What a Beautiful Word - Sister Triangle Article

  By Lisa Gillies  Sisterhood, what a beautiful word: connecting, bonding, sharing, encouraging, and so much more. This past February was my first time at the Sister Triangle Retreat; what an honour it was. We learned or were reminded that we might not be okay, and that is, okay. We are enough. To be a light wherever we go, and we may never know what others may be going through, but we can stand together. I was amazed when listening to others share, yes, I understood, I have been there. And the songs that were chosen, how they ministered to so…

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