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A stuffy senior’s residence may seem like a strange place to find some direction for my life, but as many Bible characters could attest, God can use all kinds of people, places, and events to get our attention. I volunteer at our local nursing home. I quite enjoy visiting with my elderly friends and hearing their stories. Several of them are just longing to have someone show interest in what they have to say. Some residents are eager to share some of their memories – stories of their family members, their accomplishments or their former work. Other residents feel they…

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Home from Retreat

Vivian Dunn We are home from Moose Jaw and the experience of “Encouraging One Another”. I am going to share with you on one of the subjects spoken about: reaching out to immigrants. When I lost my husband to cancer and I was sitting in my suite like a “basket case”, I prayed to God and asked him to help me find someone to help, so I could get my mind off of “Vivian”. God answered my prayer and my first immigrant friend was a young Mexican boy who found out I had been a teacher and knocked on my…

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