New Beginnings

Cover image for "New Beginnings" by Loreen Husband Article, Sister Triangle Magazine

By Loreen Husband   Sunrise or sunset?  If you’re looking at a photo it can be quite difficult to decide which one the photo features unless you were there when it was taken. In a recent edition of the Dauphin Church bulletin, Tim Pippus said in his weekly article; “People spend a lot of time thinking about new beginnings.  We often obsess about how we feel right now. Yet, we make the best decisions when we think, ‘Regardless of where I am now or what I am going through, how do I want this story to end?’”. I will admit…

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Jennifer Wallace Those who know me know that I love to sing. It is no secret. From a young age, I tried to emulate my mom by singing whatever line in a song she was singing in church. I sang along with the radio.   I eagerly joined choirs, auditioned for musicals and singing groups whenever the opportunity arose. I still love to sing. I cannot help but want to join in when I see the African’s Children Choir in performance. I feel the same way watching YouTube videos of senior citizen choirs. How good it is to be united in…

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