Going On Ahead.


By Sara Pippus Once in a while, writing is very hard. I know how it feels in my head but getting it out in a way that means something to someone else becomes considerably more difficult the more personal it is. I will admit openly that I am stunted when it comes to being vulnerable and bearing my heart to anyone who is not close and trusted. I have been putting off sharing these ideas and my jumbled bits of learning. But the more I searched for answers over the past year, the more I came up short. We are…

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candle and decor

By Jennifer Wallace “Hello/ Goodbye” is a show that airs on CBC that grips my heart; it taps into emotions that are so quick to surface.  The interviewer is good at what he does.  Without being obtrusive, he asks questions and strangers open up their lives to him in these beautiful reunions and departures at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.  There is something intensely attractive and universal about hellos and goodbyes. They are the moments we remember. It was summer.  John and I and the kids were driving out to Ontario.  We were excited for the road trip, excited to see…

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