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A stuffy senior’s residence may seem like a strange place to find some direction for my life, but as many Bible characters could attest, God can use all kinds of people, places, and events to get our attention. I volunteer at our local nursing home. I quite enjoy visiting with my elderly friends and hearing their stories. Several of them are just longing to have someone show interest in what they have to say. Some residents are eager to share some of their memories – stories of their family members, their accomplishments or their former work. Other residents feel they…

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Do not be afraid

Deanna Cook Fright, horror, panic, trepidation, dread, dismay, distress, aversion, dread, terror, anxiety, fear. Fear is what I felt 15 years ago the night our plane crashed. Fear is caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat. Sometimes fear is caused by the unknown. Sometimes fear is based on past experiences. We can all think of something that has caused us fear in the past. If being honest, we can think of a fear we have right now. I have a fear: it’s a fear of flying. I don’t sleep…

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Andrea Muirhead In my family we love a good story! I’ve been told many times the story of my birth, of how my father drove my mum two hundred kilometers through a Saskatchewan blizzard so that my arrival would be safe in the big hospital in Regina. The neighbours got stuck coming one kilometer to pick up the big kids but my dad, the hero, and his super-Volkswagen, safely transported Mum and me to the hospital. Jesus tells a great story of an unlikely hero, a simple shepherd, a man who had 100 sheep. This story is not about the…

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