Too Zoomed In

Too Zoomed In - Woman in hat with camera and sunflowers

By Jenn Wallace   Now that I am in my forties, I am experiencing more and more phenomena related to aging; recently, I experienced yet another. I was reading the label on a pill container and had to move it further away from me than I am used to in order to read it: too close and the words were blurry.  I was a little bit perturbed thinking, “Do I need bifocals already?!” I have since seen my optometrist who says for now I can lift my glasses but the time is coming.  I’ve begun to commiserate with friends who…

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I have an electric wall clock that I am trying to recycle (code for throw away), but it is not an easy thing to do. It was my mother’s, and hung on the kitchen wall in our Winnipeg home. It is not in any way an object of beauty, having a basic round face set into a couple of inches of some dreadful pale pink plastic. When plugged in, it makes a whirring noise as it continues to lose time, despite all attempts to improve its performance! It also rattles at every opportunity, due to the collection of screws or…

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