Be Still…

Be Still - Laurie Fisher article

By Laurie Fisher

Lately these two little words have come into my consciousness a lot…and I don’t think I’m being necessarily exhorted to closet myself in a serene setting to contemplate the bigness of God.  I think God is saying, “Back off.  Hush.  Pray. Watch.   Be STILL.”

I look at Ephesians 6:10-20 and see what I’m supposed to do.  Three times it says, “stand firm” (be still?)  Twice it says “pray” (although one of those times it says “at all times” and “with perseverance” so it’s really said more than twice) .

And one of my personal favourites is Exodus 14:14: “The Eternal will fight on your behalf while you watch in silence” Be Still.    I’m assuming the opposite is that God will not fight for me if I’m thrashing about in word or deed, meddling or fixing.

Could it be that if I’m not still my actions expose the truth of what I really believe about God and His abilities?

And Psalm 46 is all about “Behold the works of the Lord” and ”I will be glorified” as in “every knee shall bow”.  I’d rather be among those few whose jaws are dropped as they stand still and watch God at work only able to say “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Surrender hurts. Having the Faith to stand still and pray and watch God fight for you is a challenge.

Stand firm, dear ones.  Be Still.

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