Acts of Kindness for DQ

Deanna Cook

A few weeks ago, Dairy Queen had a promotion- free ice cream. I was leaving the gym; I had just completed a grueling workout after a full day of work. My only thought was to go home and relax. I waited at the bus stop, which was across the street from DQ and as I waited, I could watch the progression through DQ’s drive through. Never before, had I noticed such a long line up- that is what FREE will do. And as I watched the transit app on my phone, I became annoyed. My bus was late, again. I just wanted to go home.Bus

Finally, the bus arrived. Getting off the bus was a mother and her daughter. They were asking the bus driver how long until the next bus. Unfortunately, our route is only every hour after seven pm. I gladly got on the bus, ready to go home. But the bus didn’t go, it just sat there. I fumed. The bus driver was already late, didn’t he want to take off- get caught up on his route? And then the bus driver started to sweep the floors. Why? He was late! And I was tired! And then he began to clean his front window. Didn’t he know how tired I was?

That’s when the mother and daughter, came running across the street. The daughter was excitedly holding her free DQ treat. The bus driver had decided to be late to show some kindness to this family. He didn’t have to wait, but he chose to show kindness to this family. His actions saved them an hour of waiting in a dark and isolated bus stop. No doubt, this mother will remember the bus driver’s kindness and the even though the girl probably will not, she will remember the fun outing she had with her mom.

I was reminded that night that busyness and time efficiency is not as important as showing kindness to others. Kindness I can take by stopping and holding the door open for another. Kindness I can take 30 seconds to thank you to the bus driver as I get off at my stop. Kindness to put aside my paperwork and email responses in the morning to greet the janitor as he comes to pick up my class’ recycling box. And kindness to appreciate when others are going out of their way to be kind to one another. Thank you, Mr. Bus Driver for showing kindness for DQ treats.

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