A New Adventure

We talked about it quite a long time ago, but it didn’t seem possible – even if we had thought it was a good idea or the right time. . . .

But now, the time is right! After this last issue that went to print, Sister Triangle will be published online as an on-going magazine, which can be accessed for free from anywhere in the world.

Of course if you are like me and, prefer to hold paper in your hand, you may print out the articles, or get someone to do it for you. For me, that will make it easier to share witRetreat-Coverh my husband who doesn’t enjoy reading online!

Please note that we will gladly offer assistance to anyone for whom this new method of delivery creates a problem.

Additionally, once a year we will print a booklet of the best of the past year’s articles for those who wish to receive a paper copy.

You will not need to pay for the online magazine, but we will need to pay for printing of the “Annual”, which we will make available at Retreat time. For those who have subscribed for several years ahead, you will not be ‘out’ any money.

In this way, Sister Triangle will be able to keep on doing the work that we have been doing in a more efficient, less costly, more reliable and less stressful way.

This move represents a change in our way of ‘doing’, but never in our ‘being’. We still exist to encourage and be encouraged by you.

Pray for us as we continue to “Encourage one another in love”.

In the meantime, we are happy to share our thoughts and prayers with you, as we have been doing now for many years.


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