A Little Girl’s Lament

Andrea Muirhead

When I was little, I wrote a poem entitled “Why Me”. The poem was basically me complaining to God about my childish struggles. It was kind of cute, now that I think about it asan adult, but it didn’t feel cute then, and it doesn’t now when I still find myself talking to God this way. Why am I single? Why am I a plus-sized girl? Why don’t I feel more successful at my job?

If you are also asking God, “Why me” about something in your life, you are not alone. Twice today, I have found myself in conversation with people about where they are at and how God is using this low time in their journey to give them experience. Maybe that is one of the answers to “Why me”; so we can use our struggles, our experiences to one day help others on their journeys.


My mum loves to tell that my first word was, “Doah” as in “Go”. I would stand at the door, ready, demanding the rest of the family to go! Maybe this is why I love taking journeys. It’s so fun to go; no matter if the destination is to my friend’s house an hour down the road or to a foreign country across the globe.

Has God asked you to do go somewhere that is out of our comfort zone? Again, you are not alone. Each of us is on a journey, whether welcome or unwelcome.

Sometimes God gives us struggles or takes us to difficult places. But, He takes us. Again, we are not alone! Isn’t that one of our greatest fears? That we are alone on this journey or in this struggle? After Jesus is raised from the dead and is instructing his followers to go and make disciples, He reminds them, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20b). We are never alone!

I was a cute little kid, full of spunk and heart. Come to think of it, I’m still that little girl in my Daddy’s eyes. I don’t have to understand all the “why me’s” and I don’t even have to know where I’m going because I have friends and family to go with and a Daddy-in-Heaven who sees my child heart.

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