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Gallery Room with Quote - Am I using my gifts well?

By Sara Pippus An empty canvas sits in my closet. It’s wrapped in clear plastic, as pristine as the day I bought it several months ago. The canvas is blank and white. It is standing next to several others- let’s not talk about how many. I have brushes, oils and acrylics, a travel easel, and some great antique jars that will hold the water for washing up. A ladder with years of patina is stashed in the shed in my yard that reminds me, each time I open the door, of my good intentions for some day. The plan is to turn it into an easel to use at home. All of this because I want to paint. To create. My life is like that. I am a dreamer that constantly feels like my dreams far exceed anything I actually do. Inventions swirl around my brain. Most often, I don’t take myself very seriously or I get told to get my head out of the clouds. Lately, I’ve been thinking about all my best efforts…

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In Training

In a race all the racers run - Runner

By Jen Wallace For the past year, I have been working towards getting my black belt in judo; I am not quite there. I have had my brown belt for 14 years and I thought it was time.  I needed to start training with a black belt goal as my focus.  I have to schedule my practicing and I cannot do it alone.  My head sensei, the club instructor, also needs to see that I am ready. One of our instructors quotes Bobby Robson, an athlete who said, “Practice makes permanent.”  Being in training is not easy and neither is good practice.  There are other things that vie for my attention, some worthwhile and some worthless.  There are obstacles and even my own lack of desire at times affects my training.  I also need to practice the right techniques and not ingrain the wrong ones. I have to keep my goal in sight.  It helps that I have verbalized it to people and that I have now also put it in writing. But more important…

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There’s Always a Tree 

Tree - I'm redeemed. I'm saved, and I know it.

By Janelle Ross I love Genesis; I really do. Honestly, I could preach a thousand sermons from those in the beginning pages. I mean, that first verse… In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Wow. Like, wow. So, first He made time because all of a sudden there is a beginning where before there had only been… timelessness… and then He made stuff where there had not been any stuff before. Time where there hadn’t been time, and stuff where there hadn’t been stuff. Followed by the details, redefining and refining the expanse into diverse spaces, then filling those spaces with life. (I sometimes wonder if, when Eternity frees us from the bonds of time, we will be able to see creation unfold. It would be like the greatest IMAX movie ever.) Then, family. A man and a woman to inhabit the beautiful place, making it, truly, a home. Walking and talking with God, naked and unashamed, the way Home Sweet Home was meant to be. Humanity enjoying full and completely-satisfying relationships…

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thank you my dear friends

By Trinda Jocelyn I find myself at a time in my life when things are really good. I mean it. I have a husband who loves me, and not the bare minimum kind of love. We live in a beautiful home and we are surrounded by loads of fabulous family and friends who are there for us and we are there for them. I have a good job and freelancing has picked up, showing promise as a full-time gig working from home; a dream I hold onto as I brave up to take the leap into the entrepreneurial unknown. My husband has a good, stable job with the bonus of job security attached to it. My kids are out of this world amazing. Two of them have jobs and my biggest worry most days is whether they have done their homework, helped with chores, or made it to work on time. It is at times unclear to me how I am so blessed. Please –  don’t hear life is perfect. We struggle. I struggle. The…

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For Every Season

The Four Seasons

by Rachel Husband I’m not sure if I have a favourite season. There is something special about each of the seasons for me. In spring, I love the first time you open the windows and a breeze blows that ‘spring’ smell through the house. Summer brings those super hot days where a great day involves golfing nine holes and eating a piece of watermelon …or two!  In fall, true to my farm girl roots, a long day combining wheat that is blowing in the breeze. And those crispy, winter days where the sky is so blue and the puff of your breath drifts up and away. Like the seasons of the year, each season of my life has been special and holds a special memory for me. When I was young, I loved those evenings when my dad would come in from the field, tired and dirty from a hard day’s work, grab his glove and a competitive match of two-on-two baseball would ensue. I’m sure my brother, James, and I always beat Dad and…

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When we are fearful

We have to trust that God will protect us when we are fearful.

By Deanna Cook Saturday evening I was blessed to have supper at my friends’ home.  They welcomed me into their home, broadening my world.  We sat on the floor on pillows and blankets.  We started with cold water infused with orange blossoms.  The Persian dishes were lovingly prepared- all new dishes to my palate.  Bademjan- an eggplant and tomato stew cooked with turmeric and paired with rice.  Baghali Polo, seasoned with dill and saffron, was a rice and lamb centerpiece. Two salads were served: Salad Olvie and Salad Shirazi.  “What is your favourite dish?” was asked often but how could you decide- it was all wonderful.  As we tried the new dishes, I learned more about my friends, Ali and Fatemeh: their lives back in Tehran and their hopes and dreams for a life started in Regina.  I learned about their families and the engagement/wedding traditions in Iran.  Stories were shared about cooking with mama and family treats. Our visit continued as the dishes were cleared and we communed over tea.  Fears were discussed as…

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What Do You See?

When you close your eyes, what vision of God do you see-

By Alicia Krogsgaard Close your eyes.  What vision of God does your mind portray?  Do you see an old man, white hair and beard, somewhat clueless, stooping over the world, looking down?  Do you see a stark white spirit holding a lightning rod, ready to throw it at those of us who are messing up? Do you see a frumpy old Santa figure listening to all your wants as you sit on his knee?  Do you see the kind face of your earthly father?  Or perhaps a stern, you-better-straighten-up face stares at you?  When you envision God, what do you see? Our vision of God determines our response to God.  The accurate, biblical perspective of God lends itself to see everything else in the correct perspective.  Life just works better when we learn how to glance at the world around us, but fix our gaze on our Creator. When we become consumed with the world around us—worries, pleasures, treasures of things seen- it is a sign that we need a new vision of our God. …

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Hold the Bowl

Sometimes I just need to stay out of the way

  By Mary Muirhead I don’t remember hearing the ambulance arrive; I had heard my daughter phone, but the next thing I remember, through the fog, was somebody yelling, “Mary, hold your arm straight!” As it turned out I was attempting to guide the stretcher around to the side door, but I don’t remember. Apparently, I continued to ‘assist’, and furthermore looked as if I might be sick. So the attendant grabbed a bowl which he gave me and told me to hold. I held on for dear life; I didn’t even want to surrender it when it was pried out of my hands. My motivation was the instruction of the ET, “Mary, Hold the bowl! Your job is to hold the bowl”. My memory is very unclear. I was in the process of burning up with fever, but I could still on some level cooperate with those trying to help me. And I had a job to do: to keep out of the way so that others could do theirs! And since I tend to…

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Still, My Soul Be Still

Sheet Music

At Sister Triangle’s 2017 Ladies Retreat, We asked many of our retreat attendees to speak for a few minutes about a worship song or hymn that was special to them and then we’d sing it together. What a beautiful time of sharing it was! So over the next year, we will be sharing these songs and their special meanings with you! We hope you find encouragement from the songs and the words shared! – Andrea Muirhead This song became dear to me a few years ago and will always be one of my favourites. We were going through sorrow. Within a five-year span, my husband and I discovered that not one, but two of our three sons told us they had chosen the gay lifestyle, and our third son married someone who was toxic and controlled all of us. On top of all that, my health and blood pressure were becoming a problem, and both Brad and I had mental health strain. “Still, My Soul Be Still”, that’s what I had to force myself to…

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I Can Endure

Never Give up - Deanna Cook Article

By Deanna Cook To kick off our basketball tournament, we have a pep rally to celebrate our players.  A tradition is the All-Stars game.  But this year, instead of just watching our senior basketball players, the players had to pick a partner from the crowd.  And, as we are a K-12 school, their partner had to be in grades 1, 2, or 3.  The 10-minute game was the highlight of the entire pep rally.  Instead of just watching over-confident adolescent boys show off, we got to see older students helping younger students.  They would pass the ball to their much smaller teammate, lift them up towards the basket so they could attempt a slam dunk, and scream in delight when someone scored a point.  The star of the game was one of our grade 2 girls, Danielle.  When she got the ball, she would tuck it under her arm like a football and run.  And it didn’t matter what direction she ran.  She had her goal, to get it to the net: any net available. …

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