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What Do You See?

When you close your eyes, what vision of God do you see-

By Alicia Krogsgaard Close your eyes.  What vision of God does your mind portray?  Do you see an old man, white hair and beard, somewhat clueless, stooping over the world, looking down?  Do you see a stark white spirit holding a lightning rod, ready to throw it at those of us who are messing up?…

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Hold the Bowl

Sometimes I just need to stay out of the way

  By Mary Muirhead I don’t remember hearing the ambulance arrive; I had heard my daughter phone, but the next thing I remember, through the fog, was somebody yelling, “Mary, hold your arm straight!” As it turned out I was attempting to guide the stretcher around to the side door, but I don’t remember. Apparently,…

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Still, My Soul Be Still

Sheet Music

At Sister Triangle’s 2017 Ladies Retreat, We asked many of our retreat attendees to speak for a few minutes about a worship song or hymn that was special to them and then we’d sing it together. What a beautiful time of sharing it was! So over the next year, we will be sharing these songs…

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I Can Endure

Never Give up - Deanna Cook Article

By Deanna Cook To kick off our basketball tournament, we have a pep rally to celebrate our players.  A tradition is the All-Stars game.  But this year, instead of just watching our senior basketball players, the players had to pick a partner from the crowd.  And, as we are a K-12 school, their partner had…

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Seeing the Unseen

Beautiful things - Andrea Muirhead Article

  By Andrea Muirhead It’s cold. Its -35 degrees Celsius, as I drive down the highway. It’s been a long winter and it’s far from over. People around me are feeling the winter “blues.” I am too. But today the sun is shining brightly, so brightly that I need to wear my sunglasses. I remember…

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Be Still…

Be Still - Laurie Fisher article

By Laurie Fisher Lately these two little words have come into my consciousness a lot…and I don’t think I’m being necessarily exhorted to closet myself in a serene setting to contemplate the bigness of God.  I think God is saying, “Back off.  Hush.  Pray. Watch.   Be STILL.” I look at Ephesians 6:10-20 and see what…

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The Thorn in My Thighs

Mind, body and soul

THUNDER THIGHS WIDE LOAD BIG MOMMA FATSO Echoes of the voices of my youth. And then the less offensive, but just as hurtful: So-and-so said this diet worked for her. Have you tried walking? Boys won’t like you unless you lose weight. For as long as I can remember, my weight had been the paramount…

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Going On Ahead.


By Sara Pippus Once in a while, writing is very hard. I know how it feels in my head but getting it out in a way that means something to someone else becomes considerably more difficult the more personal it is. I will admit openly that I am stunted when it comes to being vulnerable…

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New Perspective

Girl overlooking lake

Foreword by Sheena Koops My 14 year old daughter, Arwen, and I are sitting in a giant circle, two rows deep, with large board-room-style wooden desks and plush, rolling chairs. We have joined many others, women and men, to consider this year’s Treaty Four Gathering theme, “Empowering Women” and to consider the legacy of Canada’s…

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order/chaos signage

By Janelle Ross A hundred years ago, back when I was inching my way out of the nest and learning how to use my fresh wings, I worked in the field of computers. Actually, I went to Bible college, spent a couple of years in Australia, came home and worked a bit, started a General…

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